Monday, 16 July 2012

Final Preparations

My Amazon order arrived on time and all looks good.  I will say that the keyboard looks better on the web than perhaps it actually is.  In reality it is what I would expect for the price: nothing amazing but perfectly functional.

My last preparation task was to get my SD card ready.  I have decided to start off with the debian "squeeze" version from the RasPi website and decided I would use my netbook Ubuntu to write the image (may as well make this a Linux learning exercise at the same time!).  I used the excellent instructions from the wiki (, which all went well expect that I ran out of disk space on the Linux partition on my netbook, so had to work out where the rest of my hard drive was "mounted" (Not quite sure what this exactly means, something to add to my list of things to learn at some point).  Decided to go for the command line option which worked out fine, but then when we got to re-sizing the flash partitions ( there seemed to be some maths involved, so bottled it and installed GParted which I have to say worked very nicely.  Next time I'll try it command line (probably...)

So I think I am ready for my Pi!

Fingers crossed I did everything right!

Oh and I think I have decided on my first project.  A GPS enabled car computer.  Watch this space for details.

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